Tourism good or bad essay

Tourists also take with them, souvenirs which can be produced by people. The advantages of this are that the tourism in that place provides employment for the locals and they will benefit from this by getting extra money, increasing the gdp of the country. It attracts essay a certain type of crows. Benidorm had the sun, sea sweet and sand and lots of tourist flocked there. The advantages of these kinds of places are that they do attract a crowd of people and do make a lot of money. This way the average standard of living of people increases well enough and leads to further lowering of dependency ratio. First of all, tourists cause pollution and can damage the environment. Because of this, the locals will choose to stay in the area, maintaining local services such as schools and hospitals. Assessment: tourism good or Bad? Fourthly, tourists don't always respect traditional cultures and cultures can be broken down as a result of tourism. The government can do nothing except for close down or ban these multi nationals which may reduce the investment levels in the country and therefore the country may suffer a lot. The local residents might just start following the way tourists live and that is another reason why the local dressing and culture may be compromised. Tourism - good or Bad?

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tourism good or bad essay

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Tourism is the fastest growing industry in this world because it is a essay very good of earning foreign currency. Therefore, if for any other political reason if tourists are discouraged to come into the country, then the government will suffer a lot as it did not invest in other things like education, healthcare etc. This may serve negatively as increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourage tourists from further entering the country. If there is high employment in a country then the country can concentrate on other aims and objectives like education, health care etc. Secondly, building up the infrastructure is costly and money that is spent may have been better spent elsewhere. In spite of the advantages of tourism, there can be many disadvantages too as there are always two sides of everything. The country may become a puppet in the hands of tourists and there may be really high dependency on only the tourism industry. A guide to the

  • Tourism good or bad essay
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Producers would in this case only produce what is demanded and old traditional things may not be produced. Lastly, much of the profit goes overseas from multinationals as they send their profits to their original country. Tourism is an important industry. Benidorm started to develop the country, building more rights and more hotels to manage with the number people visiting. Thirdly, tourism provides much needed foreign currency and foreign investment. A lot of countries depend on tourism to bring in money such as Dubai (knowing the oil industry will eventually run out) and ledc countries such as Gambia, which also depend in its tourism to boost the development of the country. Some countries are set up especially for tourists, such as Benidorm.

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For example, roads and communication links built for the easiness of tourists can benefit the local residents of the area as they can have an easy access to the links. Tourism in an medc is more likely to be mass Commercial tourism than Eco tourism. The economy may go into a slump and serious problems like unemployment may be created which could inversely decrease the standards of living of local residents. Eventually, the locals got tired and annoyed with the tourists and the lager louts and slowly, the number of tourist decreased; it was at the stage of stagnation. Also, the locals in that area are pushed out to make space for the tourist so they are not allowed to sell their local foods. The economy of third world country can boom through this and the population benefits benghazi through this. It soon declined and Benidorm was left with fewer tourists per year.

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  • Tourism good or bad essay
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    The education that can come about when travelling and interacting can be greater than that gained from any textbook. Travelling does have its. The advantages and disadvantages.

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    Tourism has been discussed in this article. Many tourist destinations attract a good number. Essay on Computer and its.

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    Jul 19, 2008, tourism or tourist industry has become a major foreign exchange earner today. Sri lanka is famous throughout the world as a tourist paradise. Die, ghostwriter, hausarbeiten kosten sind sicher nicht niedrig.

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